Contest Etiquette

The CWEA Board of Directors feel that it is important to enforce the Instructors Code of Ethics. If judges and staff are expected to adhere to a professional code of conduct, then it is appropriate that this standard is exacted from the instructional community as well.

If undue and unfair pressure is applied to judges and/or CWEA staff through inappropriate behavior, then this places the competitive experience at risk. Examples include, but are not limited to directors and/or instructors shouting at judges or CWEA Staff in public or critique, inappropriate conduct of any instructor while accompanying the guard onto the contest floor, or inordinate and unauthorized telephone calls to judges or the Chief Judge. There is also a growing concern about disruptive behavior in he warm-up area, and rude behavior from the performers and/or staff of one group towards another. Behavior of this type is intolerable and will result in loss of the privilege being violated. For example, directors and/or instructors could lose all critique privileges with judges, they could be barred from the contest floor or venue, or lose the right to use the warm-up venue. Addressing this important issue must be a priority for every guard.

Instructors are advised to always treat each other, as well as adjudicators and CWEA Staff (this includes member of the Board of Directors) with respect and kindness. Conflicts should be addressed professionally and appropriately in the proper forum. All members and affiliates with the circuit are asked to remain professional in public, critique, as well as on Social Media Networks.