Event Details - Carolina Winter Ensemble Association

Virtual Event #1

March 27, 2021

Event Description

The Carolina Winter Ensemble Association exists to create a positive and rewarding performance experience for our youth and to develop a nurturing environment that will enhance the skills of the performers and instructors at all levels. We are excited to offer virtual opportunities for the 2021 Competitive Season to all of our groups!

Other Information

Contest Personnel

Event Administration

Contest Administrator: Cody Crawford
Timing & Penalties: Cody Crawford

Color Guard Judges

Individual Analysis: TBA
Design: TBA
Effect 1: TBA
Effect 2: TBA

Percussion Judges

Music: TBA
Visual: TBA

Winds Judges

Analysis (Music & Visual): TBA
Overall Effect: TBA

Participating Groups
North Lincoln Cadets
Scholastic A
Blacksburg HS
Blythewood HS
Boiling Springs HS Varsity
Chapin HS Varsity
Concord HS
Forestview HS
Gilbert HS
Nation Ford HS Varsity
North Lincoln HS
Riverside HS Varsity
West Lincoln HS
Wren HS Varsity
York Comprehensive HS A
Scholastic Regional A
Blythewood HS JV
Dutch Fork HS
Lakeside HS JV
Lakeside HS Varsity
Lewisville HS
Ridgeland-Hardeeville HS
Southside HS
West Lincoln HS B
Westside HS
Percussion Scholastic A
Ninety Six HS Perc
Riverside HS Perc
Wren HS Perc
Percussion Scholastic Concert A
Catawba Ridge HS Perc
West Lincoln HS Perc
Percussion Scholastic Concert Novice
Lewisville HS Perc
Percussion Scholastic Novice
York Preparatory Academy Perc